Swiss Luxury Watch Brand

It is reported that Switzerland’s Ruibao Watch has launched the pilot block chain project, the first to participate in the test is the Chronoswiss Tech Bureau encrypted luxury watches. They plan to use block chain technology to mark and track ownership of luxury watches and allow users to track relevant data on mobile clients and Web applications.

In fact, Ribao has already launched five series of encrypted currency watches, inspired by five different encrypted currencies. Each “production line” has only introduced 101 limited editions of encrypted watches. It has been pre-sold since the second quarter of this year and allows consumers to pay in encrypted currency.

LuxTag is a company specializing in providing customers with product safety and anti-counterfeiting solutions. They have registered the Ruibao information on the NEM block chain. Each watch has its unique serial number, reference code, and other important information.

In addition, these “encrypted watches” are equipped with a unique two-dimensional code, which includes detailed instructions on customer visits and requests for watches block chain certificates. With this digital certificate, customers can easily verify the authenticity of the watches they buy, manage the ownership of watches and track the product history.

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