Experience Sharing of Mijia Quartz Watch

If you want to buy a watch, what would you choose? Intelligent Watch? Apple Watch? Or all kinds of Android smart watches? Although smart watches have many functions, watches are still an accessory after all. The shape of most smart watches is still Taiji for most people. Moreover, the endurance of smart watches is unsatisfactory, and they basically need to be recharged every day. There’s already a smartphone that doesn’t bother you, plus a smart watch, which is really cumbersome to use.

The Mijia quartz watch, released in July, was eye-catching. Since it is produced by the Mijia, the appearance of the Mijia has been a continuation of the simple design, with a higher face value. After I got this Mijia quartz watch, I had spent a month unconsciously, so I wrote this article to share the experience of using it.

I have been exposed to many kinds of watches before, such as smart watches, mechanical watches, quartz watches and even electronic watches. But for a variety of reasons, none of them let me wear it painlessly for so long as the Mijia quartz watch. I admit that the first reason is the high color of Mijia quartz watch.

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