Panerai watch specially designed for Chinese people

Recently, Panerai launched a new batch of “Fu” tables, PAM00910. You can see that the word “Fu” is a watch specially introduced by the Chinese people, and it is true that this new product is only sold on the mainland’s official network. The word “Fu” is a symbol of good luck in China. Although this way of adding decoration is somewhat simple, sometimes it is just a little special, which can be touching.

Panerai’s “Fu” watches first appeared in 2010. PAM 00366 special edition watches for domestic watch lovers were launched, with a limited sale of 1500 watches. The time mark at the six points below the dial is replaced by the word “Fu”, which implies “Six Fus”.

In addition to PAM00366, Panerai has also introduced PAM00498 and PAM00908, both with the word “Fu” design. The design of PAM00498 is similar to that of PAM00366, both of which are placed on the time scale of six o’clock, with a good meaning of 66 Dashun and good luck. This year’s PAM 00908 put the word “Fu” on the back of the watch. On the red gold case, the carved word “Fu” is exquisite and gorgeous. It is surrounded by plum blossoms and peony. It implies perseverance and prosperity respectively. It has more traditional Chinese style.

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