360 Telephone Watch X1 Pro

From the beginning, in order to make it easier for parents to contact their children, to add more interesting functions to win their children’s favor, children’s telephone watches have taken a very correct development path, at least at present. Facts have also proved that it has become an important driving force for the rapid growth of the smart wearable equipment market.

According to the relevant data released by IDC in 2017, the SE series of 360 children’s watches has won the first place in the cumulative sales of individual items. But apparently, they did not stop there. Today (March 29), 360 held a new product launch in Beijing, bringing the new product of X series – X1 Pro. Let’s take a look at it.

If you’ve seen 360 children’s watches before, you’ll see at a glance that X1 Pro is different from other products in the past. On the overall appearance, it does not continue to show a slightly cute shape, but adopts a more sporty design, which is also consistent with the new product launch “Junior New Equipment” logan.

In addition, the 360 phone watch X1 Pro has abandoned its previous diversified colors and only offers black and white versions. As for why it chose this seemingly more “mature” design this time, in fact, 360 has targeted its target population at children aged 10 to 15, thus getting rid of the image of “naive” and closer to the aesthetics of children of that age.

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