The First Smart Watch for Young People

On July 13, millet officially released a new watch, the Mijia quartz watch. From the appearance point of view, this quartz watch continues millet’s consistent style in product design, simple but not simple.

The mirror part of the watch is designed by water droplet arc. The middle is thicker and the edge is lighter. Therefore, from the center to the edge, it can show a rounded radian, which makes the watch more aesthetic. The dial is 40mm in diameter and is designed with a classic three-pin design to make it look more design-oriented. In the strap section, there are three colors to choose from: the blue strap matching the white dial, and the gray strap matching the gray dial with the full black dial and strap.

Comparing with ordinary smart watches, millet has made appropriate subtraction for this quartz watch. This millet quartz watch removes functions that are not often used in daily life, leaving only functions such as automatic timing, pacing, global time, caller reminders and alarm clocks. The data can be seen by lifting the watch gently.

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