Samsung smart watch Galaxy Watch debuts

Samsung’s new smart watch has arrived, and this time Samsung has also offered a “rename change” campaign. It is understood that Samsung Electronics brought a new generation of flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note 9 and a new Galaxy Watch watch at its new product launch in New York early this morning, which is the first product of Samsung’s previously renamed watch brand “Gear”.

Samsung’s new watch still uses the classic circular dial design, and provides rose gold, silver and black color matching, with 42mm and 46mm versions. To tell you the truth, at first glance, Samsung’s new watch is really pleasing. It’s simple but not simple. It reveals a full sense of technology under the face of fashion.

Functionally, Samsung Galaxy Watch supports LTE connection and wireless charging, as well as 5ATM waterproof and dust-proof. Of course, heart rate monitoring, user-defined tracking of various fitness activities and sleep testing are not all in the picture.

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