Why is the phone always unable to replace the watch?

There have been many ways for people to get time since ancient times, especially since the era of technological advancement is more diverse. The mobile phone is almost one person, it can read the time accurately for you, but the watch does not seem to be replaced by the mobile phone. It is estimated that many people will think about this.

In fact, the development of watches has become a kind of jewelry, especially male jewelry. Although there is still a practical function of reading time, it is not so practical for many people. We mainly talk about mechanical watches here.

Friends who are familiar with the history of watches and clocks know that a quartz storm in the last century almost destroyed the Swiss traditional mechanical watch industry. In order to survive, the mechanical watch avoids the same level and quartz table fire and puts its own grades up, that is, from then on, the mechanical watch starts to take the high-end route, a high-end luxury goods, and the practicality is not for luxury goods. Important, as long as you can show a person’s identity, economic strength is enough.

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