The Benchmark of Smart Watch

Going out and asking TicWatch Pro 4G version cites the concept of “big three pairs” in the basketball world, which fully proves the comprehensiveness of the smart watch. Double-layer permanent display, dual-mode system architecture, 4G eSIM No. 1 dual terminal service.

TicWatch Pro 4G Edition uses a globally patented two-layer, long-lasting Layered DisplayTM technology that relies on innovative dual-mode dual-system architecture support to integrate a 1.4-inch full-color HD OLED screen with ultra-low-power monochrome LCD screens. Display technology provides users with two modes of “smart mode” and “persistent mode”. TicWatch Pro 4G version can last up to 5 days in daily use. When users turn on pure “persistent mode”, TicWatch Pro 4G version can provide more than 30 days of lasting battery life.

In “smart mode”, TicWatch Pro 4G version uses OLED screen as the main display, giving users a full smart experience provided by Wear OS by Google system. In addition, users can switch to a monochrome LCD screen at any time to achieve alternate display of double-layer screens to meet longer endurance needs.

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