How should we buy a good watch?

However, it should be noted that this is a daily average error, not a daily error. A cousin once asked in the background, “The daily error of the Omega-Zheng Observatory Certified Watches is negative. Is there a problem with the watches?” Of course, there is no problem. In real life, these sounds like more powerful

Swiss Luxury Watch Brand

It is reported that Switzerland’s Ruibao Watch has launched the pilot block chain project, the first to participate in the test is the Chronoswiss Tech Bureau encrypted luxury watches. They plan to use block chain technology to mark and track ownership of luxury watches and allow users to track relevant data on mobile clients and

Experience Sharing of Mijia Quartz Watch

If you want to buy a watch, what would you choose? Intelligent Watch? Apple Watch? Or all kinds of Android smart watches? Although smart watches have many functions, watches are still an accessory after all. The shape of most smart watches is still Taiji for most people. Moreover, the endurance of smart watches is unsatisfactory,

Three classic watches that every man wants to own

The significance of a wristwatch to a man is like that of a bag to a woman. One can never be satisfied. Fortunately, the wrist watch is neither white moonlight nor cinnabar nevus, as long as you have the ability, can let men enjoy “Qi people’s happiness”. But if you completely indulge your desires, that’s

Panerai watch specially designed for Chinese people

Recently, Panerai launched a new batch of “Fu” tables, PAM00910. You can see that the word “Fu” is a watch specially introduced by the Chinese people, and it is true that this new product is only sold on the mainland’s official network. The word “Fu” is a symbol of good luck in China. Although this

360 Telephone Watch X1 Pro

From the beginning, in order to make it easier for parents to contact their children, to add more interesting functions to win their children’s favor, children’s telephone watches have taken a very correct development path, at least at present. Facts have also proved that it has become an important driving force for the rapid growth

Apple Watch dominates the global honeycomb network smart watch market

There are already some Wear OS smart watches with cellular network capabilities on the market, such as LG Watch Sport, LG Watch Urbane and Huawei Watch 2. However, compared with Apple Watch, third-party App support and system updates are poor. Canalys estimates that Apple Watch shipped about 3.8 million units in the first quarter (including

The First Smart Watch for Young People

On July 13, millet officially released a new watch, the Mijia quartz watch. From the appearance point of view, this quartz watch continues millet’s consistent style in product design, simple but not simple. The mirror part of the watch is designed by water droplet arc. The middle is thicker and the edge is lighter. Therefore,

Samsung New Watch Exposure

The phone will definitely appear together during the release of Note 9, but the launch date will be delayed a little, and it is expected to be officially launched on August 24. In addition, the product will be booked on August 14. Galaxy Watch will use two different strap sizes, but the dial screen is

Samsung smart watch Galaxy Watch debuts

Samsung’s new smart watch has arrived, and this time Samsung has also offered a “rename change” campaign. It is understood that Samsung Electronics brought a new generation of flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note 9 and a new Galaxy Watch watch at its new product launch in New York early this morning, which is the first