Month: November 2018

Comparison and Evaluation between Apple’s and Samsung’s Smart Watch

At first glance, the biggest difference between Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch Series 4 is apparently the shape design. The former adopts the traditional circular mechanical table style, while the latter represents the Apple style of rounded rectangular design style. The difference in appearance between the two is also reflected in the fact that

Breaking the Design Limitations of Smart Watches on the Market

On October 31, Glory brought two new works to Beijing Diamond Stadium, one of which is the smart tide gauge HONOR Watch Magic. It breaks the design limitations of smart watches on the market, brings more comfortable visual experience with bright and fashionable color matching, and rich personalized customization greatly improves the visual pleasure. HONOR

Why is the phone always unable to replace the watch?

There have been many ways for people to get time since ancient times, especially since the era of technological advancement is more diverse. The mobile phone is almost one person, it can read the time accurately for you, but the watch does not seem to be replaced by the mobile phone. It is estimated that

The Benchmark of Smart Watch

Going out and asking TicWatch Pro 4G version cites the concept of “big three pairs” in the basketball world, which fully proves the comprehensiveness of the smart watch. Double-layer permanent display, dual-mode system architecture, 4G eSIM No. 1 dual terminal service. TicWatch Pro 4G Edition uses a globally patented two-layer, long-lasting Layered DisplayTM technology that

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